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LegalSherpa Copyright Registration

LegalSherpa can help you quickly copyright your original works of authorship including website content, books, poetry, photographs, paintings and songs. Protect your original creative work from unauthorized use by others with a federal copyright registration. With a registration you control how your work is presented to the public, reproduced and distributed to others. LegalSherpa utilizes the United States Copyright Office online registration system. This permits your registration certificate to arrive months earlier than filings that use the traditional method of paper application.

Copyright Registration Package includes:

Enhanced Package

$109 + Filing Fee
Quick & Easy Legal Sherpa Online Copyright Questionnaire
Electronic Copyright Filing with the United States Copyright Office
LegalSherpa Review for Accuracy, Common Errors and Completeness
We will be named as correspondent on your application so you won’t need to communicate with the Copyright office (optional)
Extended Customer Support
Expedited Processing (2-3 Days)

*Standard Government Filing Fee is $35 or $55
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