Trademark Registration Packages

  • Standard Package
  • $89
    • + Standard Filing Fee
    • Professional “Direct Hit” Federal
      Trademark Search
    • LegalSherpa Trademark Check
    • Electronic Trademark Filing with the
      United States Patent & Trademark Office
    • LegalSherpa Review for Accuracy,
      Common Errors and Completeness
    • Digitalization and Formatting of Your
      Trademark Specimen and Designs
    • Unlimited Customer Support
    • Flexible payment of
      government fees

  • Comprehensive Package
  • $179
    • + Standard Filing Fee
    • Standard Package

      Procedural Office Action Assistance

    • Sample Cease and
      Desist Letter
    • Sample Trademark Transfer and
      Assignment Agreement
    • Priority LegalSherpa
    • Full Trademark
      Search (optional)



The Standard U.S. Government Filing Fee is $350


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Your application is filed with the USPTO

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If you forget to maintain your trademark application, it will be cancelled or deemed abandoned.  Please call us with any questions regarding your trademark maintenance.

Statement of Use for
Intent-to-Use Application

A statement of use is required once you receive your Notice of Allowance

Trademark Statement of
Use Extension

If you need extra time to file your Statement of Use, you may file up to five 6-month extensions.

Section 9 Application for
Trademark Renewal

The Section 9 renewal is due between the 9th and 10th year following your registration.

Section 8 Declaration of
Continued Use

The Section 8 declaration is due between the 5th and 6th year following your registration.

Frequently asked Questions

Most of the most frequently asked questions are answered in the LegalSherpa School.  However, feel free to call us at (855) 574-3772 or email on for answers to any of your trademark and copyright questions.

Application Process

What is a trademark?

A “trademark” is a word, design, symbol, or phrase, or a combination thereof that identifies and distinguishes the source of one party’s goods over those of others. The term “trademark” is often used to refer to both trademarks and service marks.

How long does it take to get a trademark registered?

Once your trademark application is filed it takes the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office approximately 3-4 months before it conducts  an initial review of your trademark application. Following the USPTO initial review it will typically take  another 4 months or more for a trademark application to receive a registration.  Your application can be further delayed if you fail to respond to government notices that require your action.

How do you receive updates on your trademark application?

Once your trademark application is filed with the USPTO, the USPTO will provide you with e-mail updates throughout the process. All official communications from the USPTO will come from an e-mail address ending in USPTO.GOV.  Please be aware that there are many companies and lawyers that will e-mail you solicitations throughout the process as well and those should generally be ignored and not confused with official government e-mails.

What is a Copyright?

Copyrights are different from trademarks.  Copyright registration filings are used for the protection of creative works.  For example, books, blogs, photographs, and music.  Trademarks are used for the protections of your business name, logo or slogans.

LegalSherpa is a document filing service, not a law firm, and is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. If you require legal advice, please contact a competent attorney.